Buffalo Launches New Intelligent Power over Ethernet Switches for SMBs New switches allow businesses to flexibly grow their networks as their needs expand

New switches allow businesses to flexibly grow their networks as their needs expand

London, UK, April 15 2013: Buffalo Technology, a global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of innovative storage and wireless networking solutions, today launches its new Intelligent Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches for small and medium businesses.

Smart Intelligent PoE Business Switches
The BSL-PS-G21xxM series of efficient Smart Managed Layer 2 business switches provide SMBs a quick and easy solution for otherwise complex network improvements and expansions. They come with either 8 (BSL-PS-G2108M-EU) or 16 ports (BSL-PS-G2116M-EU), all with a maximum of 30 watts power supply per port.

Intelligent PoE Business Switches
The BS-POE series of Managed Layer 2 business switches come with an expanded feature set including integrated security settings, designed for medium, large, and enterprise-size businesses. Also with a maximum port power supply of 30 watts, this provides more than enough power to run IP cameras, and wireless access points – even enough capacity for concurrent use of 2.4GHz and 5GHz with 1000Mbps bandwidth. They are available with 8 (BS-POE-G2108M-EU), 16 (BS-POE-G2116M-EU) or 24 ports (BS-POE-G2124M-EU).

Both energy and cost efficient, the new sets of switches include PoE profiler functions which automatically turn the switches on and off at a scheduled time or date. They also come with Buffalo’s Loop Guard warning function, which immediately signals when and where a network problem occurs. Network administrators can now rest assured and save significant amounts of time detecting and locating any loops or problems.

Best of all, Buffalo Technology’s PoE Business Switches enable businesses to gradually grow their networks as their needs expand. Devices attached to the switches no longer need to be within reach of a power outlet and only one LAN cable is required for both data and power. Other advanced features include VLAN tagging and supported USB flash recovery, which significantly eliminates down time.

"By expanding our portfolio, we establish ourselves as full line provider for business customers who are interested in, for example, IP camera solutions. Our professional Eco system consists of TeraStations supporting video surveillance, the AirStation Pro WAPS as strong and securely lockable access point and the new PoE switches as logical complement. All of these systems combine high performance with reliability and security, “said Fabien Rousseau, Product Marketing Director EMEA, Buffalo Technology.

Notes to Editors

The Smart and Intelligent PoE Business Switches will be available from Buffalo’s network of distributors in the UK. They carry a 3-year limited warranty at an MSRP of (including VAT):

Smart Intelligent PoE Business Switches
•    8 Ports Gigabit Switch: £299.99
•    16 Ports Gigabits Switch: £339.99

Intelligent PoE Business Switches
•    8 Ports Gigabit Switch: £299.99
•    16 Ports Gigabit Switch: £459.99
•    24 Ports Gigabit Switch: £559.99

About Buffalo Technology
Buffalo Technology is a global manufacturer of innovative storage, multimedia, and wireless networking products for the home and small business. The company is recognised as the Number 1 total PC peripheral manufacturer in Japan, and was named the worldwide consumer NAS market leader 6 years in a row.

The company’s storage products are addressing the needs of the individual and the business, providing cost-effective network attached storage (NAS), portable and desktop hard drives, multimedia players, and Wireless LAN routers, which together offer a complete and integrated solution for the small office and digital home environment.

Buffalo’s strong international industry alliances with companies such as Intel, Broadcom™, Nintendo and Microsoft have allowed it to lead the industry in the development of the latest technologies into practical tools for the business and the home.

Headquartered in Japan, Buffalo Technology has offices in the UK, France, The Netherlands, USA and Taiwan. For more information please visit www.buffalo-technology.com.